iEV 5 100% Electric Truck

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Purpose Build 100% Electric Vehicles

Conversions Do Not Work Well or Efficiently.
Converting a new diesel or gasoline truck into an electric vehicle (EV) generally involves a complex and expensive process that requires significant modifications to the vehicle's powertrain, electrical system and may include reinforcing the chassis or altering the vehicle’s weight distribution. Removal of all the internal combustion engine components, installing a new electric powertrain, integrating the electrical system, installing a charging system and a battery pack.

iEV Trucks are engineered and manufactured with zero emission electric powertrains.

  • TCO

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  • Range

    120 miles

  • DC Charging

    2 hours

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iLite - Innovative Lightweight Truck Body

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Technical Specifications

  • 236×109×116
  • 132,5
  • 55
  • LFP
  • 2h

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Service, Warranty, Replacement Parts and After Sales Support

The Hybrid Shop network of independent service locations provides a full spectrum of services for your hybrid and electric vehicles, the tools and expert knowledge to service and repair any component within a range of drivetrains, high voltage systems, and its traditional systems as well. Our Expert Technicians are trained to identify and fix all issues your vehicle may experience.

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